End-of-life concrete 100% recycled

Our mission? To completely close the concrete loop.

We have developed a unique technology which allows us to fully recycle concrete waste.  This technology makes it possible to produce concrete with a considerably lower CO2 footprint today, with the aim of ultimately achieving  CO2 -neutral or CO2 -negative concrete.


Maak kennis met de nieuwe generatie beton: 100% gerecycled, direct op locatie verwerkt. Wij zijn klaar voor de toekomst. U ook?


Concrete is one of the most used building materials worldwide, and that means that concrete is also one of the biggest sources of CO2 emissions. Cement causes 8% of global CO2 emissions

C2CA Technology aims to provide technological solutions to the three greatest disadvantages of concrete:

High emissions, especially CO2 emissions, which have a big impact on climate change


Scarcity of raw materials, in parts of the world raw materials such as sand for use in concrete are scarce and extracting them results in more and more vulnerable nature being destroyed


Huge quantities of rubble are left behind when concrete structures reach the end of their life and without a good method of recycling, these rubble streams end up in landfill and large quantities of raw materials are lost.






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