Climate envelope

Within the framework of the Climate Envelope, C2CA Technology, in conjunction with various partners from the concrete chain, has planned and executed a number of pilot projects. The cement and concrete industry is involved, as well as contractors, clients and knowledge institutions. The project reuses diverse fractions (Circu-cement, Circu-sand and Circu-gravel) that we recover from end-of-life concrete (EOL concrete) to produce new cement and concrete. The cement and concrete are being processed into various objects with different applications in various projects. The project is being financed by RWS with funds from the Climate Envelope.

The purpose of the chain initiative is to reuse all fractions of EOL concrete in new concrete, in order to contribute to the aim of the Concrete Agreement for 2030: to use EOL concrete in new concrete. It is therefore important to take this path with the whole concrete chain and to use and test the material in different objects. This will allow us to see how best to achieve upscaling at national level.

The following organizations are involved in the initiative:

  • C2CA Technology
  • Enci – Heidelberg Cement
  • TU Delft
  • Mebin
  • The Green Village
  • Strukton Prefab Beton
  • Kroon & de Koning
  • BAM
  • Strukton Civiel
  • Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works)
  • ProRail
  • VolkerWessels
  • Municipality of Rotterdam
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