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VEEP project

VEEP is a Horizon 2020 project whose purpose is to develop a cost-efficient way to recycle construction and demolition waste into high-grade and energy-efficient prefab panels for outer walls suitable for use in newbuild and for renovations in the existing built environment.

ICEBERG project

Following on from the VEEP project , the European ICEBERG project started in June 2020. The European Union is financing the project which is part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Climate envelope

Within the framework of the Climate Envelope, C2CA Technology, in conjunction with various partners from the concrete chain, has planned and executed a number of pilot projects.

Sustainable concrete at the Afsluitdijk testing ground

Several parties have used different types of sustainable concrete in this project. By creating scope for innovation in major projects, Rijkswaterstaat aims to test innovative technologies.

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