Get more out of concrete

Our technology is a smart chain of three processes: ADR, HAS and LIBS. The beginning of a new, more sustainable world.


C2CA has developed a system that recycles end-of-life (EOL) concrete into high quality aggregates for use in new concrete.

The innovation enables effective separation and sorting of the individual components of EOL concrete, i.e., aggregate, sand, and (hardened) cement paste, through the combination of a mechanical process (Advanced Dry Recovery, ADR) and hot gas treatment (Heating Air Classification System, HAS).

  • With this technology 100% of the EOL concrete can be recycled into new high-quality materials for the production of new concrete. So no scarce raw materials have to be mined. The technology removes a significant part of the hardened cement paste from the aggregates. This leads to aggregate with a low grade of water Because of these clean aggregates, a high amount of aggregates and sand, even up to 100% can be replaced.
  • The ultra-fine cement paste particles with a large amount of CaO can be used to produce cement binders which are low on CO2, because cement is the largest driver of CO2 emissions in concrete this will help to reduce a big part of the CO2 emissions from concrete.
  • The technology of C2CA makes it possible to not only recycle the coarse aggregates but also the fine and ultrafine Because of this 40% less material will be used as low-quality road base aggregate or be landfilled. In addition to the fact that this will have a huge impact on the amount of waste, the technology also adds extra value to 40% of the material because it can be used in new concrete so higher material revenues can be charged.
  • Due to the continuous quality control based on a LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analysis, the aggregates are also of constant, documented quality. As a result, adjustments can be made on site if necessary, and the time-to-market of the high-quality circular raw materials for concrete is considerably shortened. Together with the use of the RFID tags the traceability of this quality is secured.
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