C2CA Technology won the prize for best Sustainable Tech Innovation.

We were one of the 12 finalists for the 2021 Innovation Radar Prize. In conjunction with the European Commission,  Dealflow.eu selected the 12 most promising Innovation Radar projects to compete for the 2021 Innovation Radar Prize for the most promising innovation financed by the EU.

The European Commission awarded this prize to C2CA Technology (a collaboration between GBN Group and TU Delft) for its concrete recycling technology that combats climate change and its impacts, protects our ecosystem and conserves natural resources.

We have developed a technology for circular concrete. This technology enables concrete rubble to be processed into a high-grade raw material for the production of new concrete.

Concrete rubble from the crusher is separated using a dry method and turned into high quality raw materials ready for immediate use:

Circu-gravel – coarse fraction >4 mm
Circu-sand  – fine fraction <4 mm
Circu-cement – ultrafine fraction <0.2 mm

We are very proud of our prize. Together we are creating a circular economy!