Veep Project

VEEP is a Horizon 2020 project whose purpose is to develop a cost-efficient way to recycle construction and demolition waste into high-grade and energy-efficient prefab panels for outer walls suitable for use in newbuild and for renovations in the existing built environment.

In this project C2CA is working with GBN and TU Delft on optimizing and validating the recycling technique to convert old concrete rubble into high-quality raw materials for the production of new concrete, a process which sustainably reuses the coarse aggregates (gravel), the fine aggregates (sand) and the ultra-fine product (cement paste). In addition, the fine fraction is also used for the production of circular silica Aerogel. Aerogel is used as high-grade insulation material in the wall panels.

Take a look at the virtual demo-site? Watch the tour here!

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